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The Power Of Your Name

This is so stupid! 

Why are we even doing this? 

I hate my name! 

I want a normal name like "Deshawn" or "Khalil!" 


His mother was in prison. His father was murdered by cops in an altercation. He was trying to uphold a heritage of gang affiliation and as only a middle school student. 

My assignment, (my volunteer assignment) was to help this group of phenomenal young people rediscover their personal worth. I aimed to help them contribute to society and make an impact. 

Other students in the class were talking as usual. No one was interested it seemed. They previously had made fun of this young man's name because the first portion of his name seemed out of place in today's casual setting. 

"Alright everyone pay attention as I read this first name meaning.


1.    A name used formally for a knight or a baron. 

2.    A title given to one in authority or having rank. 

3.    Title given to Nobility or a ruler that exercises authority and influence over a territory. 

The class sat in silence with mouths opened in shock and disbelief as the presence of the LORD filled the room.

Now I had their attention and this was only the first part of his first name!

In this Episode we cover "The Power of Your Name" 

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