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I'm an advocate, a resource, a fresh burst of energy to ignite movement in your life toward your destiny fulfillment. Because of all the great mentoring I have had in my life, I want to pour into others as much wisdom and insight as I possibly can. I desire to bring understanding to those searching for it. 

Take your time and listen to the podcast. Check back here on the blog for resources that will provide clarity and insights to spark acceleration in your life.

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● Trains individuals and organizations to transform from being an employee oriented mindset (culture) to that of the Chief Executive Officer.

● From being spectators on the sideline of their lives to taking a management approach in organizing and executing a life of meaning and ultimate fulfillment, fulfilling one’s personal destiny.

● We believe that every individual has been born with unlimited potential and must give an account for how they utilized, developed, cultivated and released that potential into the planet.


We desire to see all engaged in the marketplace through:

● Gift discovery

● Gift refinement

● Each individual that goes through our training's: adding and creating value in the marketplace through enterprise, job creation, creative problem solving and commerce.

●Joyfully expanding their mindset ceilings to match one of abundance and people learn optimization strategies for leadership, personal development, communication, sales, and marketing.


● CEO OF DESTINY trains people into maturity stewardship and accountability.

● We provide informational resources such as Books, CDs, MP3s, Whitepapers and Curriculum.

● We also have in person cutting edge training. This is held through curriculum delivery modules, online training classes, tools, interactive, workshops, webinars, conference calls and seminars.


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"11 Secrets about your Destiny"

This podcast covers "11 Amazing Secrets" to assist you in rediscovering and walking effectively in your destiny. 

Take a listen, take notes and let us know your thoughts.

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