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Discovering Your Gift

podcast episode 18:

Discovering your Gift


"...And this year's class President for the Class of 96' goes to______


I was crushed! 

I thought I had done good preparation and had a hype man "Regal" as campaign manager beside me to pull it off. 

Why was my speech so lifeless

Why did I feel like a shrinking pygmy in front of the same peers that I sat next to in class? 

How was it that I was at a place now where: guys and girls that I played jokes on our teachers with were now seeming like a hostile crowd with lifeless faces? 


While Jackson on the other hand was poise, funny and confident. I had known Jackson since Middle School and was always impressed by Jacksons handle on how to make us all laugh during the most mundane of class periods.


I walked the hallways of high school with a perpetual mute button on my mouth. It was even said by a young lady that was mutual friends with my best man in my wedding (as we were all grown and out of high school) my buddy Slim said: You know Andre is doing...

This young lady exclaimed? "Andre!" That guy doesn't have a voice!" I don't ever remember him having a voice!" 

When Slim told me this I felt a pit in my stomach as I reflected on High School. Because what she stated rang true.

You see in High School I didn't take the hints and discover my gift. I was trying to be like others "Basketball Player, Track Runner" 

Yet a chance meeting took me to a youth entrepreneurial program and accelerated me to do Corporate Videos and meet one of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. 

More on that story later...

God had always deposited the same gift in me and that was the gift of speaking. 

What about you? Do you feel like a fish out of water currently? How goes it in your search for your God given gift?

In This Episode We Cover How To Discover Your Gift.

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What about you? 


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