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Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

podcast episode 16:

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

The 30Year Fix

I can't do it!

I never was good at math so why should I even try to do it? It's so frustrating when people put numbers in front of me. They should know that ever since 3rd grade I had problems in math. Ms. Mackie said: "...You shouldn't really focus on numbers more on other subjects because you are not strong in math…" And you know what? 

She was the math teacher!

Thirty plus years later many people still hold onto an encounter and opinion spoken by one authority.

Can you do it? 

How keen is your ability to assess what types of mindsets you are carrying? 

What are the names of the barriers in your mind that are holding you back from wildly achieving your dreams?

What if there was hidden ability inside of you waiting for you to discover it? 

What if the potential that would explode you into the life that you want only needed a little cultivation to put into expression? 

In This Episode

We cover two critical mindsets that we must understand. 

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