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What's in your House?

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What’s in your House?


What's your purpose?

She asked me with a furrowed brow and intense eyes that could pierce any type of metal. Forget Superman's heat seeking vision! This vision was HOT!

It was as if flames of blue magma were spewing out of her eyes, glasses hanging down on her nose. 

I sheepishly replied: To serve God and love him?


*Looking at me with intensity and speaking with an urgency I had only heard sports coaches and elderly people speak with!*

Now What's your PURPOSE? What are you here to do?

I didn't have an answer! She relented and shook her head with disgust like this is something you have to know. 

How did I not know the answer?

What Mother Mullen (an elderly woman of God that was a tremendous prayer warrior and had such clarity and insight from the LORD on how to live a righteous life) had asked me forever revolutionized my life. 

This simple probing question (What's your PURPOSE?) was directly linked to me and I had to answer this particular question because my life is designed to assist others in gaining clarity and confidence so that they can answer the question regarding their own lives. 

Without clarity of purpose, abuse is inevitable -Myles Munroe (paraphrase)

In this Episode: 

I invoke the question of "What's in your House?"

I want to know how you can take what you have and bring more confidence and clarity to walking out your God given assignments and destinies. 

Listen to today's EPISODE and give us feedback! 

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Don't wait TOO LONG or you may get a Mother Mullen type SCOLDING! (Smile)


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