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Keys To Unlocking Your Gifts

podcast episode 6:

Keys to Unlocking your Gifts

"Andre Head's up!" 

My teammate yelled at me as he tossed me the football. Low and behold, I finally was wide open and caught the ball.  This was my moment!

I evaded defenders and spotted a wide open pathway for me to make a touchdown. Racing down the field with pride, speed and agility, even ignoring my teammates as they were yelling at me trying to get my attention. Surely it was their enthusiasm in seeing me take control! They chanted my name “Andre! Andre!” “Andre!”Surely there would be plenty of time for celebration once I scored the run. 

When I hit the end zone I saw the opposing team laughing hysterically and holding my hands up like I was a champion and my teammates with their heads hung in shame. 

I had scored for the other team! 


Needless to say I wasn't cut out to shine in football. I was mediocre at best. Who knows maybe with deliberate practice and coaching I could have improved.


Throughout my childhood I had indicators though that I had a gift and ability to speak and people would listen. Everything from teachers asking me to read a passage publicly in elementary and asking me to continue reading to the embarrassment of me as my peers got angry. I hated and tried to hide what was a natural gift because I didn’t understand the value of standing out rather than blending in.


What is your God given gift?

Have you identified your point of difference?  Do you know what makes you stand out and shine forth? Have you discovered or rediscovered what makes you come alive and others seek you out for?

In This Podcast Episode we are exploring how you can:


  • ACTIVATE and MULTIPLY your gift and serve others creating value in the marketplace.

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