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What's My Output?

podcast episode 7:

What’s My Output?

Summertime is for leveling up on my favorite video game! 

Surely it’s why summer vacation was designed, to give kids like me a break from the prison classroom called the schoolhouse. Finally I would be able to play video games until my eyelids couldn't resist the weight of heaviness brought on by endless gameplay junk food consumption and the inevitable crash that comes from high intakes of sugar after the rush. 

Well as I got older and had to take on my responsibilities namely being married with 3 children, I realized that time was made for production and not merely consumption. 

If I'm going to be somewhat responsible as an adult, I must measure my output and value contribution to society. Is my life producing a result that will leave an outstanding outcome? Will I be one that plants a tree so to speak or vineyard which offspring and generations can feed off of? 

What about my current status Am I average, good, great or phenomenal as the great Eric Thomas says? 


Hard questions are usually the questions we avoid asking ourselves because we know the answers will probably demand change from us. 


We examine ourselves according to scripture and find out just how much output is coming out of our lives? 

What we consume is definitely connected with what we produce.

What say you? 

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