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podcast episode 10:


Mini Me? Mini You?

Have you ever felt small?

Like I mean really small? Like Shaquille O Neal standing next to Nate Robinson small? 

It's definitely not a good feeling to feel outclassed, outmatched or under prepared when you’re about to face an opponent. 


I felt that way when I had tried out for the basketball team. 

All the other guys it seemed had massive height, muscle or acclaim that was before them from other coaches and students that had spoke on their abilities.

Here I was the outsider, coming from another neighborhood, not playing on the same league teams with the same coaches and teams as the other kids. 

In my preparation I felt underprepared and out of my league.

This is how the 10 spies sent into the land during the time of Joshua and Caleb felt as the saw the giants that were living in the land of Promise.

10 spies were petrified and had a low self concept that put them at the mercy of their own inferior imaginations. 

What about you?

In this episode we explore the concept of Grasshopper thinking and revisit what the Scriptures have to say about our mindsets.

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