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Who You Want To Be?

podcast episode 9:

Who You Want To Be?

"I just want to be a regular person!" 

He said it with such certainty and he looked at me with eyes that seemed to exclaim: "That's good enough right?"

Little Juan only 6 years old was putting up a defensive mechanism as he heard me asking his older brother  (5th grader) what he was interested in and who he wanted to become. 

This time in my life I was running an after school-learning center. So many children came through it was an honor to serve them and hear their hopes dreams and aspirations. 

I'll never forget Juan's answer.  Juan's answer was indicative of his real view of life:

REGULAR people get left alone. 

  • Regular jobs,

  • Regular pay,

  • Regular family and

  • Regular house,

  • Regular car,

  • Regular health and

  • Regular social life

  • Someday get a regular pension

  • Or regular retirement package

  • And take a regular cruise

  • Hit the golf course

  • Or crotchet club with your regular pals.


It was as if Juan's statement burned in my mind for a long time. His words resonated with me because I knew many kids unfortunately feel the same thing. Aim for average.  

I don't want to see anyone be a regular person.

Each person should discover or rediscover their assignment and know exactly why they were placed on the planet. Whether it is Juan, his brother or you or me. 


I focus on giving some clear ways to assist you in getting a grasp on your assignment. 

What path are you on? 

If you're not content with being a REGULAR person then take a listen.

Let me know your thoughts. 



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