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You Tell Me The Weather


Podcast Episode 40:

You Tell Me The Weather

My older Sister: Did they call it yet? 

 ME: "NO! I don't know what is taking so long. It seems like their doing every other school district but ours! "

 “And today Seattle Schools are...Open and running on time!"

Me: *Pulling my hair "AHHH! Why do the far schools always get more snow? It's not fair!" 


As far back as I can remember I was fascinated by the weather report. I'd be glued to the TV screen watching a young guy with impeccable hair named Steve Pool. Steve never seemed to age. 

They say "black don't crack" and I think he embodied that notion. 
Steve was my go to voice of reason and I trusted his insight on weather and atmospheres to navigate the fickle and changing Pacific Northwest Weather. Though Steve failed many times, his smile and assurance that he seemed to know what he was doing, brought me back like a sucker week after week. 

What if you could always know the weather? 

I mean seriously, what if you could know with 100% accuracy what the conditions were going to be and how to dress and conduct your life based upon that knowledge? 

Would that information be useful to you? 

This week we discuss what it means to be an ATMOSPHERIC EXPERT! How to know the weather conditions with 100% accuracy and shift your relationships, business and life. 





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