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Independence of In-Dependance


Podcast Episode 41:

Independence of In-Dependance


Below is a story of my BC days or before conversion, commissioning or Christ yielding. 


Me: Regal! Puff this stogey real quick! Be the first to break it in.

Regal: No guy! I’m not puffing nothing. 

Me: Young Slim? You In?

Slim: No bro... I'm good. 

Me: Come on I’m 18 let’s celebrate!

Regal: You’re 18! That’s your thing. I’m not!

Me: Why you guys gotta be all Sour patch kids! I’m about to… *Takes cigar lights it up, and then inhales in into my lungs first time. Holds it and starts coughing uncontrollably. 

Me: Wh… *




Regal and other friends: “You idiot! You’re not supposed to inhale and hold it in! Haven’t you seen how they do it in movies?” 


I remember as if it was yesterday.

I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 so I could smoke a cigar and choke as i held it in my lungs like an imbecile.

Well it wasn't my exact plan. 

I did however want independence. From all I had heard watched and read in my nation, hitting 18 was a milestone that marked being "legal" and ready for the world. 


What did 18 bring for me? 

I could cast my first vote: No I was not politically aware, savvy or even interested. 

Rent an apartment: No money for that.

·  Gamble Buy a Scratch ticket: NO. Did that as a kid for an uncle and it seemed lame to lose money for a pipe dream.  

·  Marry Someone: Wasn't even in my UNIVERSE.

You get the point. I had some new opportunities as I entered the promised land of 18 (sarcasm).



I could finally go legally to a nightclub to find it was the same as when I snuck in underage with fake ID. 

This brings up a good question: 

What does it mean to be independent? 

Does it mean do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want and with whomever you want? Is it a world with no rules or boundaries just unbridled freedom? 

Well I think it’s quite the opposite, I think it’s knowing what to do that is right and having the humility to know that without the Source of life as your foundation, you cannot skillfully execute what lies ahead in your life. 

IN THIS EPISODE we explore “Independence or In-Dependants” which category do you find yourself in? 

Take a listen and give us some feedback. 


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