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EQ vs IQ


Rooms full of people are draining to me. 

Most people probably wouldn't guess that I am a highly functional introvert. 

What on Earth that means? I have no idea! What it means to me is that I try to push myself out of my comfort zone on frequent occasions to talk to people and engage on levels that make me nervous conversationally. 

Being aware that I seem to draw more strength being alone, I realize that interdependence upon others is most healthy for me to grow into the person that God designed me to be. 

If I am not acutely aware of the people around me, where they are emotionally and what I am giving out through my interactions with them, I can cause severe damage. 


Have you taken time to self assess where you are personally. 


We discuss the value of Emotional Intelligence and contrast it with IQ.

Which is more important? 

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts. 


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